Friday, January 11, 2013

Moving Day: when all the hemming and hawing has past.  The hesitation has been overcome.  The iron struck while hot.  The leap made.  The migration taken get the idea.

Yep, that's right - The Long Shot has found a new home.  What i thought was going to be akin to delicate surgery turned out to be easier than removing a Band-Aid.  It was like "click-click-click...done."  All the thought-provoking material you've salivated over so far is ripe for a second look over there already.

Over at the new site, you can expect the same know what?  To hell with that.

You can expect BETTER content delving into curious topics and MORE coverage of autonomous media movers-and-shakers.

For starters, my interview with stellar artist and super cool dude Jim Mahfood in the next couple of days.

A hale and hearty thank you! to all and every one who swung by and gave me a look-see over here.  i hope you will visit the new site and have a good time there as well.  i'll keep plugging away, you keep reading.

*i'll keep plugging away even if you don't keep reading, so you might as well visit - i'm not leaving!

1 comment:

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